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Business: Massage and Bodywork Practices Lessons from Surviving an Audit

Diane will show you how to set up your massage business to ensure that you are covered should you ever endure an audit of your business. It takes you through every step of building a massage practice.  Also, this class will help you to always know how things are going with your business and have more structure. 

2 CEUs

Client Relations: All you need to know

Business owner and author, Diane Matkowski, presents a class to help ensure your success in building a solid client base, and keeping it. Diane’s area business currently has a client base of over 15,000 clients and employs ten therapists. She will offer tips on: meeting new clients, scheduling to fill your book, cancellations as a two-way street, and how to present yourself as a true massage professional. She will also talk about “tricks of the trade” simple things you can do to stand out as a therapist. If you don’t learn how to keep your clients you will not make it financially in this business. Learn from one of the best about maintaining clients.

3 CEUs

Energy Maintenance: Balance Physical, Emotional, and Financial Energies

Why do some therapists burn out? Diane will share how she has maintained a consistently-filled book of massage clients for over twenty years in the massage and bodywork field. Clues on upholding physical strength, the importance of listening, on emotional strength, and how to plan for down times in the business will help you keep going strong for a decade or more, too! After mentoring her employees for over 20  years, Diane learned what therapists need to avoid burn out and to excel in their work as a classic art form.

2 CEUs

The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook Home Study

By recognizing the value that touch brings, you’ll be able to enjoy your work more and become a better (and more successful) massage therapist. Help your community and make a quantum leap in the booming business of massage with The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook.  

This home-study course is completed by reading Diane’s Book The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook and purchasing the quiz based on the book.

4 CEUs

Down to Business

In this 4 hour, information filled, sit down workshop based on Diane’s book, The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook, everything will be covered from self-care to boundaries, client forms to your forms, accountability to accounting, building trust to trusting yourself, and so much more. The Rebel will be exposing her secrets to online success. Learn her tips and tricks that have launched her into a YouTube/Instagram/Facebook powerhouse.

4 CEUs

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