Diane Matkowski, LMT, HHC

Diane Matkowski, LMT, HHC Diane, aka The Massage Mentor, has not worked for anyone since 1996 and has prospered in the massage industry for this time. She has been on the frontlines of our industry, creating jobs for massage therapists. Also, an exceptional experience for clients. Her business is a seven-time award-winning facility. She has been active in the massage industry for 25 years and an NCBTMB provider since 2005. Her mentoring and teaching is not a bundle of hypothetical ways to help massage therapists grow, yet were created through her experiences working with them and her clients. Diane has been hiring and training successful massage therapists since 2002.

Watch a video of Diane explaining why Freedom Massage has become an award-winning business. Diane and her team celebrated their seventh award for BEST massage in 2020 by local voters. In 2006, she published her first book, The Body Is Art: A Mentoring Guide for Massage and Bodywork. Diane has also written articles and been featured in MTJ magazine, Massage magazine, Massage and BodyworkMassage WorldDifferent Strokes by ABMP, Main Line Today and the Daily Local News. She has been a blogger for EmmeNation, an online forum and trusted resource for women. In 2010 she was the Official Massage Practitioner for the women’s professional soccer team, the Philadelphia Independence. She has also been an active participant in childbirths as a coach and massage therapist helping women give birth naturally.

She recently finished her second book, The Massage Therapist’s Guidebook, which as been approved by the NCBTMB as a home study course toward CE’s. She also provides mentoring for massage therapists nationwide on her closed Facebook page for massage therapists The Massage Mentor Closed Group. On the page she interviews legends in bodywork like Master Ohashi, Til Luchau, Erik Dalton, The Rebel Massage Therapist, David C. Morin, Maria Natera, James Waslaski, Ben Benjamin, Kumu Brenda Mohalapua, Whitney Lowe, Paul Kelly, and more….

She works closely with leaders in the addiction recovery field and has provided massage and workshops as therapy. Diane works with couples at Breakthrough Healing through Connection Weekend at Caron and provides a new angle on how couples can communicate.

Mentee Testimonials


Eugenia came in ready. She had recieved massage for many years before becoming an LMT. Her foundation was solid, and she has been making quantum leaps with us. I am excited to watch her evolve. She is already a seasoned therapist; I cannot imagine where she will go. SHe is an asset to the massage industry.

– The Massage Mentor


Sammii “Sparkles” is newer to our group, though not to massage. She helps us stay organized at Freedom Massage and is a sponge when it comes to learning. She has picked up many of my Fredom Techniques and has made them her own. She is a gift to our industry.

– The Massage Mentor


I was fortunate to give Sarah her first massage. She worked at a Starbucks next to my first office almost 20 years ago. I always admired her professionalism and was thrilled when I heard she was in massage school. I have had the honor of being with her on this journey for over six years. All clinets love Sarah. She has amazing patience and rebooking skills. She is. agift to our massage insudtry.

– The Massage Mentor


Molly has grown beyond my hopes. She continues to meet challenges with patience and remains open to continue learning. She is a huge asset to our industry.

– The Massage Mentor

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